Enjoy Christmas with Delicious seafood Delicacies

Planning your Christmas party is one of the most important tasks this winter. So, the most important thing to remember is that one of the things guests love to remember a party by is the food. If the quality of food is not up to the mark, they will not be talking about it into the New Year, but if it’s delicious, they will be begging for an invite the next year too.

Seafood has off late become a huge popularity among guests of all age groups. It is also the finest source of proteins, minerals and acids. It is also one of the most popular food items that people like to cook in different ways as per their taste and preferences. This is why there are a wide number of seafood recipes popular all across the world. Here are some tips on planning the perfect seafood dinner during Christmas:

  • Starters – For starters, a real Christmas treat could be a shrimp cocktail with a crab salad accompanied with wine.
  • Main Course – The main course can comprise a variety of tasty seafood items like crabs, lobsters and squid. Lobster bisque is renowned throughout the world. It contains Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco sauce, shallots chopped green onions, garlic cloves, dried thyme, white wine and dry sherry, which make it even more delicious and special. It is served smooth and creamy. Most of the people prefer it for grand occasions like Christmas celebration. When it comes to squid it is the finest seafood item. Most people like to have fried salt and pepper squid. It contains special ingredients like vegetable oil, sea salt, green onions, corn flour, red chili, and black peppercorns. It really gives unique taste and is a party favorite.
  • Desserts – Desserts are the most sought after part of any party menu. Seeking out holistic Christmas desserts may appear to be seeking oases in a barren desert. It is necessary to serve cakes and cookies which go hand in hand with Christmas like a light dessert such as the Strawberry-Rhubarb Angel Torte after such rich seafood. It contains grated orange peel, fresh rhubarb, granulated sugar, orange juice, fresh strawberries and ricotta cheese. It is sure to end your party on a sweet note.

Seafood has unprecedented health benefits too. It highly reduces serious health issues and also offers vital minerals, proteins and vitamins. People looking for healthier protein options often switch to these unique and tasty seafood species. For extra seafood delicacies, people prefer crabs, shrimps, lobster, squids and tuna and Pollock fishes.

Therefore, if you are planning to arrange a Christmas party this year at your own place, you can plan a seafood dinner for the Christmas Eve.

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