Excite your taste-buds with Luscious Lobster Tails

Image Source: bit.ly/12xCz22

Image Source: bit.ly/12xCz22

Since decades lobsters have been considered gourmet cuisines enticing taste-buds of a million foodies. These shellfish can be cooked either as whole or in parts; the tail portion of lobsters is mostly considered as a major ingredient for luscious seafood cuisines. It has been found that the tail of a lobster makes it easier to access the maximum percentage of lobster meat. Lobster tails are tasty and are easy to cook. They make impressive delicacies for family members and sometimes can be tried out as a gourmet dish to serve your boss.

Though, you may have heard a lot about lobster recipes it seems that you have barely tried making them on your own. Actually, you don’t seem to have an idea on cooking lobster tails. To start with the tail portion of the shellfish, you have to first thaw them especially if they are frozen. You can use your microwave oven to defrost the frozen tails.

Now, there are three primary ways of cooking lobster tails; grilling, boiling and pan searing. Remember, the ways through which you intend to cook lobster tails will have an impact on how well you prepare them.

Image Source: bit.ly/16BPkwM

Image Source: bit.ly/16BPkwM

Grilling lobster tails

Let us first start with the grilling process. Remove any debris or charcoal from grill before you start cooking. Turn on the grill at medium heat. You can even set up a charcoal grill if you want. In that case it is necessary that you set the charcoal chimney.

You can either keep the lobster tails as whole or split them lengthwise. Ensure that you leave the flesh inside the shell.

Next, brush enough butter on lobster tails and season them properly with pepper, kosher salt and lemon juice.

Grill each side for 3 minutes or so. Start the process with the meaty side downwards and flip on to the shell side after a while. The shell-side will take longer time to cook.

Image Source: bit.ly/16kxoY2

Image Source: bit.ly/16kxoY2

Boiling lobster tails

Pour at least 6-8 cups of salted water inside a large pan. You can either add normal salt or sea salt if you want. 

Don’t take out the shell from the meat. When it comes to boiling, it is essential that you retain the shell.


Now drop lobster tails inside the pan of boiling water and simmer the flame
Cook lobster meat for 10 minutes if each tail weighs 10oz (each oz of lobster meat is known to take 1 minute of time for cooking); regardless of the number of lobster tails, the cooking time tends to remain constant at 10 minute in case each tail weighs 10oz.

Take a kitchen shear and crack open the shell to make the tails simpler for eating.

Serve the boiled tails with lemon juice and clarified butter

Pan searing lobster tails

Extract the tail meat by cutting lobster tails lengthwise. Take the meat and leave the membrane behind. Slightly slit the meat on top.

Take non stick pan and heat olive oil, say about a tablespoon of it. Now place lobster tail meat inside the frying pan and cook for 3 minutes (note: the time is considered for each side). Cook till the lobster meat turns opaque.

If you are not too interested in cooking lobster tails at home then you can make a deal with online merchants selling these shellfish to a bigger customer base. They even render ready to serve lobster dinner meals. So, order for your meal now and visit here to learn more about exciting offers on lobster dinner.

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