Ways in which Shrimp can be made Tastier

Shrimps are a delicious form shellfish and people who love seafood definitely enjoy eating shrimp cooked in various styles. Shrimps have a distinct flavor that is delicate yet strong. These sea creatures are highly delectable and can be prepared in various ways.

Image Source: bit.ly/141Vobq

                                                      Image Source: bit.ly/141Vobq

Shrimps are not too difficult to cook at home if they are deveined and de-shelled properly. However, if you do not know how to devein a shrimp or how to remove its shell without spoiling its shape, you should buy deveined packaged shrimps that are ready to cook.

Here are a few tips on how to cook shrimp. These methods are common but they enhance the flavor of the shrimps.


First take a cooking pot and add water. Bring the water to a boil and then add the shrimps. If you want, you can keep the shells for flavor but make sure that they are deveined properly. Boil the shrimps for about three to four minutes and then take them out of the water. You can serve the shrimps warm or chilled. If you want to serve the shrimps chilled, then drain the water properly and put the shrimps on a cookie sheet put them inside a refrigerator. This will stop the shrimps from cooking.

Pan fry

You can pan fry your shrimps instead of deep frying them. It is a safer way of preparing them especially for people who have just started cooking. After deveining and de-shelling the shrimps dip them in a little milk. Then, dust the shrimps with bread crumbs or seasoned flour, heat some olive oil in the pan and fry the shrimps in it till they are completely white, for about three to five minutes.


To sauté the shrimps you must first pat them dry. Then, in a pan heat some oil about quarter of a teaspoon. Then, season the shrimp and add it to the pan. Sauté the shrimps till they are half done, do not overcook them. You can tell when the shrimp is half done, by the color of it, the body of the shrimp should be whitish and the tail should be a little on the pinkish side.

There are many other ways of cooking shrimps. Shrimps are really flavorful and can be added to staples like rice to enhance the flavor. Shrimps can be curried, grilled, roasted or even baked. To know more about shrimp recipes, click here.


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