Yummy Delights Picked from Seas

Life is a lot more than what it seems; similarly when you are asked to choose seafood recipe, chances are high that you may feel lost amidst a sea of choices. A seafood dinner party will demand you to being a little more understanding and careful since your choice of food will determine whether the menu includes a great selection or not. After all, you can’t simply wait to hear from your guests on how delicious the food has actually been. Here are recipes you will like to try to earn a name as a good chef.

First, start with a beverage; an interesting one like a cool breezy cocktail, will taste appropriate. Now, this beverage is easy to prepare. Let us look how:

• Cranberry juice
• Grapefruit juice
• Vodka lime wedge

Image Source: bit.ly/17BNY6q

                                  Image Source: bit.ly/17BNY6q

Take a cocktail shaker and place ice and all the other ingredients in it. Now, shake it hard and serve the cocktail in a glass tumbler. Done with this? It’s time to include appetizers. Though the choices may seem endless, you will need to be quite intelligent while choosing the starters that should essentially match with the main course. Shrimp in garlic sauce seems quite satisfying for the menu list. Moreover, the recipe is not likely to consume much of your time. It will hardly keep your guests waiting.


• Thinly sliced, medium garlic cloves
• Olive oil
• Shelled and deveined shrimps,
• Dried red chilies
• Salt
• French loaf for serving

Take a skillet and in it pour the olive oil and garlic slices. Now, mix well and cook over medium flame. Stir occasionally with the help of wooden spatula till the garlic slices become golden. Add shrimp and red chilies and cook for some time. Stir the shrimps frequently till they turn opaque. Now, season the shrimps and serve it with French loaf. After all good seafood recipes are not hard to find and are surprisingly easy to prepare.

Time to move on!! Here is the main-course recipe everyone will love to have and it is the most important of the entire three course meal. The lobster Thermidor is worth trying especially if you are trying your luck in seafood dinners. Comparatively easy to cook, the Lobster Thermidor will have your guests drooling for more.

Image Source: bit.ly/17exGNc

                                   Image Source: bit.ly/17exGNc


• Shallots, 2
• Pre-cooked lobsters, 1.5kg
• Gruyere cheese, 50g
• Kosher salt
• Black pepper (ground)
• English mustard, 1 tsp
• Pinch of cayenne
• Béchamel sauce, 200ml
• Butter, 25gm
• Chopped tarragon, 2tsp
• White wine, 125ml

First cool the cooked lobster meat and take it off the shell. Split the lobsters lengthwise. Remove tail meat and chop the meat roughly. Scrape out the brown meat from heat, if there are any. Eliminate the gut and also the small sac that lies just behind the lobster’s mouth. Set aside the shells. Next, sauté shallots in a sauté pan and add the white wine to it. Now, simmer till wine evaporates and add the béchamel sauce along with the mustard. Stir well. Remove heat and add tarragon, cayenne and some portion of the cheese. Stir the mixture till the cheese melts.

Pour sauce over lobster meat and keep stirring till each piece is well coated. Season it for added flavors. Pile meat into shells and scatter the cheesy mixture on it. Now place it inside a hot grill and brown till bubbling hot.


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