Make Weekends Special with Delicious Lobster Rolls

Lobsters are considered the ‘king of seafood’. Among various sea delicacies lobsters are widely eaten by foodies around the world and most preferred. Lobsters have many health benefits, are nutritious and very delicious. Low in fat and cholesterol lobsters are good source of omega-3 fatty acids. Among various species of lobsters, Maine lobsters are most desired and best tasted. Lobsters should be bought alive whenever you are planning to cook a lobster meal. Dead lobsters which are sold in the market in frozen packet might be days old and stale. It will smell foul and ruin your dish. However, fresh lobsters are able to keep their taste and make food delicious.

If you have invited guests for a special evening and wan to make something which could take the place of evening snacks and dinner then Maine lobster rolls are the best options available.

Maine Lobster Rolls

Lobster roll is very easy to cook. It is just a sandwich stuffed with lobster meat in a butter soaked grilled hot dog bun or hamburger buns or baguettes or other type of bread rolls. The one side opening should always be on the top and not side so that the stuffing is visible. Lobsters rolls are prepared differently in different parts of the world. So you can bring variety in just one delicacy. Besides, the chopped lobster meat the roll may also contain lettuce leaves, lemon juice, salt and black pepper. In England butter is used in place of mayonnaise and roll is served with potato chips and French fries.

Maine lobster rolls prepared all around have certain common characteristics such as a regular split hot dog bun is used which is lightly buttered and grilled, lobster meat chunks are usually knuckle, claw and tail, the stuffing is usually cold rather than warm or hot. Potato chips and dill pickles are also traditional. Live Maine lobsters are costly in compare to dead ones.

Preparation: If you are using live lobsters, boil them first and let them cool at room temperature. Take out the meat from claw, knuckle and tail and cut into small chunks. Add mayonnaise, tarragon and scallions to lobster meat and keep into freeze for an hour after seasoning it with salt and pepper. Now grill lightly buttered bun on both sides. When the buns are toasted light brown stuff them with chilled lobster salad placing in a tray, garnish it with pickle and potato chips and serve.

So, you see how easy it is to prepare such delicious delicacy! Maine lobster rolls won’t take much of your time and you can prepare it quickly and serve many guests. But you are not willing to cook then you can place the order online for 5-6 people like that. It won’t cost much.


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