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Maine Governor comes up with Plan to Boost Lobster Industry

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Lobsters from Maine are considered to be the tastiest. However, sales have hit a low because the Canadian lobster industry is taking over and the Maine lobster industry is becoming dependent on them. At the Maine Lobster Festival in Rock-land, the governor of Maine addressed this problem.

“We are going out…[and] searching and looking for companies that are looking at getting into food processing, particularly fish.” – Maine Governor, Paul LePage


LePage wants to boost the lobster industry of Maine that hit a thirty year low, last year in summer. LePage wants to attract businesses to Maine as a part of a plan to boost the lobster industry. The plan is to promote and market over three years spending about three million US dollars.

“The Canadian industry hurts [the Maine lobster industry] from a pricing standpoint. They have so much more processing power than we do, hence we have so much surplus but not enough outlets to sell or process.” – Mark Murrell, founder and owner of


LePage also wants to provide incentives so that lobster processors build a set up and re-locate to Maine. This will automatically boost the lobster industry of Maine. However, funds for the three year plan that the Governor has come up with, will not be available till the coming year. The Maine lobster prices fluctuated a lot this spring from April till June.

“This [spring] was crippling. China came in and bought one million pounds. Overnight, my price per pound literally went up USD 2 (EUR 1.51) a pound and then it was bad for about five weeks.” – Mark Murrell, founder and owner of


These stats are indeed a blow to the lobster industry and lobstermen are worried as fishing for them went really bad last summer. However, according to Murrell, places like California and the Midwest have responded positively to the idea of overnight shipment of Maine lobsters that provides. However, the online lobster business is still in a nascent stage but there are chances of this business to grow immensely.

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Dig into Scrumptiousness with Cooked Lobster Tails

Maine Lobster Tails

Lobsters are delicacies and favorites with seafood lovers. The yummiest and meatiest part of the lobster is the tail. When you buy the lobster tail make sure you buy the cold water tails as they are tastier. If you want to buy lobster tails make sure they are fresh because the fresher they are the more succulent they will be.

Even if you buy frozen lobster tails, buy them from the fish market instead of the supermarket. Just remember that if the tail meat is grey in color or has black spots on them, it means that they are not good. So steer clear from those kinds of lobster tails.

You should defrost the lobster tails if you have bought frozen ones before cooking them. The frozen tails can be defrosted by placing them in cold water or the refrigerator for eight to 10 hours or you can also defrost them in the microwave. If you defrost them in the microwave be sure not to cook them. You can cook lobster tails in various ways. If you are looking to serve a lobster tails treat then here are a few techniques you can follow.

Boiled lobster tails

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• Take a saucepan and fill it with salted water (one teaspoon salt for each liter)

• Boil the water and drop in the lobster tails

• Boil the tails for a minute per ounce of the total weight. Therefore, if you have five ounces of lobster tails, cook for five minutes

• After boiling, drain and serve with lemon juice and butter or mayonnaise

Baked lobster tails

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• First, preheat the oven to about 200ºC (400ºF)

• Then, take a sturdy knife or kitchen scissors and split the soft shell into half by length

• Place the tail on a tray that is oven friendly and brush them well with melted butter

• Bake these lobster tails in the oven for about eight to ten minutes

• Serve piping hot with lemon wedges melted butter or mayo

Steamed lobster tails

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• Take a pan and pour a cup of water in it and then put salt

• Boil this water

• Then take wooden skewers and insert them lengthwise in every tail so that the lobster tails don’t curl up

• Put these tails on a steaming rack inside the pan and cover the pan properly

• Steam for about seven to eight minutes and serve hot

Lobster tails can be prepared healthily without using too much of oil or butter and they taste delicious no matter how they are cooked.

Enjoy Maine lobster Tail Dinner in the Company of your Loved Ones

Seafood dishes are delectable and nutritious and as long as they are fresh, there is no harm in eating them. To fetch fresh sea foods, all you have to do is to find a reputed store and buy from them. Lobsters are one of the sea foods that people love to eat on special occasions and weekends. Similar to any other sea food, they are also scrumptious and wholesome.

So, if you are on a picnic with your near and dear ones or some guests have assembled at your place for a special dinner night, lobster recipes are best to try out. Lobster recipes can make the occasion memorable and your guests will be all praise for you. Preparing a seafood dish is exciting for many. So, ask your close friends to get involved in the cooking process and it will turn out to be a hilarious affair altogether.

Nonetheless, when the talk of tasty seafood dishes comes up, lobster tails can make some of the most delicious dishes. The tails of lobsters are the best part to consume, as they hold a large chunk of meat over there.

Lobsters from the fresh water of Maine are considered best in the world. So, if you are planning for a Maine lobster tail dinner , order the fresh and delicious dishes from online food stores. All you need to do is to find a reputed food corner and order your favourite lobster tail recipe online. The recipe with proper instruction to prepare gets delivered to your door soon.

Here are some mouth-watering lobster tail dishes that you can order online

Maine Lobster Tail FeastMaine Lobster Tail Feast:

This flash frozen dish is perfect to impress your guests. The Maine lobster tail feast includes:

• 4 Maine lobster tails, each of 5 oz

• 4 Atlantic red crab cakes

• Maine clam chowdah, 1 quart, 4 servings

• Maine whoopie pies, 4

Jumbo Lobster Tail Dinner for 2:Jumbo Lobster Tail Dinner for 2

If you are planning a dinner night with your loved one, this one is perfect for you. This easy to prepare dish with impeccable flavour will leave you satisfied. Jumbo lobster tail dinner for 2 includes

• 2 Maine lobster tails, each weighing 7 to 8 oz

• 2 Maine lobster cakes, Maine lobster stew, 2 servings

• 1 heart-shaped triple-chocolate cheesecake of 12 oz

Lobster Tail and Filet Medallion Grill Pack (6X6):

Lobster Tail and Filet Medallion Grill Pack (6X6)

Plan out a perfect summer grill with this lobster tail dish. Lobster Tail and Filet Medallion Grill Pack (6X6) include:

• 6 Maine lobster tails, 4 to 5 oz

• 6 Filet medallions, 3 oz

• Homemade butter baste

So, order any of these lobster tail recipes online and organise a memorable dinner night with your loved ones.