Enjoy this Labor Day over Maine Lobster Special Dinner with Family and Friends

While the whole United States of America is gearing up to celebrate Labor Day on September 2, some online food stores have introduced exclusive lobster tail recipes for the day. The Labor Day Maine lobster specials include a 20 pack of Maine lobster tails, 24 or 30 packs of live Maine lobsters and a Seacoast Lobster dinner for four.

Labor Day holds a great significance in US. Americans rejoice the day with ultimate zeal and enthusiasm. This day is marked as the end of summer by the Americans. People from high society consider this day as end of the year and wear white and eat delicious foods.

In US, this day also marks the beginning of sports season with the NFL and college football season being kicked off around the same time. So, there is a lot to celebrate and cheer on this day.

As there are many potential customers free to shop on this day, it becomes an important sale weekend for many retailers. Some online Maine lobster retailers have announced Maine lobster special dinner recipe for the revelers. Maine Lobster Maple Whiskey Grilled Lobster Tails is a special recipe for the Labor Day.

So, call on your friends and family over a barbecue and grill the lobster tails with Cabin Fever Maple Whiskey. Here you will find the mention of required ingredients and preparation method of this delicious recipe.

Ingredients for the Cabin Fever Maple Whiskey sauce

• 1/2 cup of Cabin Fever Maple Whiskey, if Cabin Fever is not found, use any whiskey and add ¼ cup of Maple syrup

• 1 tbsp of cider vinegar

• 6 to 8 oz of cubed butter

• Salt and FGBP, to taste

To prepare Maple Whiskey sauce

• Add whiskey and vinegar in a small pot

• Put the pot over medium heat and reduce the amount by half

• Take off the pot from heat and add one cube of butter at a time. Add another cube of butter only after the first one is completely emulsified. Continue the process until each cube is used. Use salt and fresh ground black pepper for seasoning.

• Hold warm

Ingredients for the lobster

• 4 ea, 5 to 6 oz of frozen Maine lobster tails

• Maple whiskey sauce, 1 recipe

• 2 oz of Cabin Fever Maple Whiskey

• 2 tbsp of virgin olive oil

• Salt, to taste

To prepare Maine lobster tails

• Heat the grill to high

• Divide thawed Maine lobster tails in half and apply olive oil. Use salt and fresh ground black pepper for seasoning

• You have the option to remove only the bottom part of shell from the lobster tails. Use a metal skewer to avoid getting the tails curled up while grilling

• Put lobster tails on the grill, shell side down and cook for almost 8 minutes. The meat will now turn opaque and firm. Add whiskey while cooking to build flavor

• Serve the tails with hot Maple whiskey sauce

So, now you can prepare a yummy delight to cherish this Labor Day until next year. You can also order the recipe online.

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