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The Side Dishes that Complement Special Lobster Dinner

Lobsters are worldwide known as the ‘King of Seafood.’ They truly make a memorable meal. Many people normally visit restaurants to have the lobster meal, though it can be quite expensive at the restaurants. Lobsters are more enjoyable and romantic when you stay in your home and enjoy the intimate lobster dinner for two on the terrace with your partner.

Moreover, lobsters are also enjoyed at the family celebrations or when you have a desire to modify your taste from ordinary. Lobsters are usually served on the special occasions as a special meal, so the exceptional side dishes must be served with the lobsters. The mild flavor of lobsters goes well with any food that is not spicy or pungent making lobster dishes not very fancy or complicated.

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A whole lobster puts together an amusing and delicious dibber, but can be sometimes messy. To keep the fun factor intact with the dinner, one can go with split lobster tails with butter on formal dinners. Other scrumptious lobster dinner recipes include lobster tails simmered in butter, lobster Newburg, lobster wrapped in pastry, grilled lobster and tomatoes stuffed with lobster. You can also prefer lobster bisque as the satisfying main dish.

Soup and salad

You can serve soup and salad as a part of the meal or an appetizer. Soups to pair well with lobster are gazpacho, butternut squash soup and corn chowder while seafood, avocado, cucumber, tossed or a green salad pitched with creamy dressing are good options as salads. Tomato salads like caprese salad also balance the lobster dinner.


The most commonly served vegetable with lobster is boiled or grilled corn on the cob. The rich flavor of lobster mixes well with sweet and fresh corn. Several other vegetables, such as baked potatoes with Parmesan cheese, black beans, boiled new potatoes, green beans with lemon butter, steamed snow peas and carrots and asparagus, also work well with the lobsters.

Other side dishes

If scallops are the regular companion, shrimp cocktail serves as a perfect appetizer to the lobster dishes. However, there are several other side dishes that complement lobsters. The avocado bruschetta, cucumber shrimp appetizers, risotto, Parmesan baskets, fruit satay or wild rice can be choose alongside lobsters. Prefer mild seasoning over side dishes to avoid them overpowering the flavor of lobster dishes.


In spite of being rich in flavor, lobsters can still be paired well with a flavorful dessert. One can prefer light dessert to avoid the meal from being too heavy. The chocolate sponge cake topped with ganache, panna cotta, blackberry tarts, almond cakes with fresh fruit or tiramisu are the excellent desserts that go well with the lobster dishes. Serve the sherbet topped with berries to keep the dessert simple.

You can also order the flash frozen lobster dishes online and serve your guests with these side dishes.


The Camden Cook Chris Long Chosen as the Maine Lobster Chef of the Year

The Maine lobster chef of the year competition was held a few days ago at Harvest on the Harbor. Four chefs from Maine, 200 guests, three judges and one crustacean participated in this competition.

The two hour long competition saw some fabulous dishes being made and served to the guests. After the cook-off, the chef from Natalie’s at The Camden Harbor, Chris Long was awarded the coveted crown of Maine’s lobster king. Chris Long prepared butter-poached lobster with grilled local mushrooms, corn and parsnips and thyme butter, which won over the likes of other chefs. The judges and hungry foodies went gaga over this dish and voted it to win the title.

In an atypical twist, Chris Long outdid his boss at Natalie’s, executive chef Jon Gaboric. Other competitors in the Maine lobster chef contest were Shanna O’Hea of Academe at The Kennebunk Inn and Chef Brandon Blethen of Robert’s Maine Grill in Kittery.

One of the judges, Abby Freethy of Northwoods Gourmet Girl in Greenville said that the decision was horrible, difficult to make.

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The audiences, who came to taste the Maine’s signature dish, were from as far as Glasgow. They in the end chose the balanced and palatable entree from Chris Long, who was presented with a $1,000 cheque, a new pair of shoes and a chef coat. This title is taken as an honor in growing food world of United States. 

Long’s native place is Georgia, which is certainly not popular for lobsters. But, the chef, whose cousin was a lobsterman, has some warm memories of lobster bakes on Cape Cod.

After winning the title, Chris Long said, “My cooking style is let the natural ingredients shine. I’m getting beautiful mushrooms and parsnips, and corn is really juicy and sweet right now. If you use good ingredients you don’t have to do much,” (Source:

Long’s competitor, Gaboric was disappointed not to win the title but said that he was very happy for Chris.

Raymond Brunyanszki, the owner of the Inn said that the debutant lobster dishes presented at the contest will be included on the Natalie’s menu in a few days. He was all praise for the Chris Long in his comment, “He did a sensational dish and was able to capture lobster and Maine. I’m proud of him.”

It has been only a year and a half for Chris Long in Maine. He started his professional career helping to open Spread restaurant on Commercial Street in Portland. Prior to coming to Portland, he was a cook in kitchens in San Francisco and Colorado. At present, Long puts up at Lincolnville.

Long, 34, looked surprised by the win the title, said, “It feels good. I like a competition. I’m grateful to be here.”

He will represent the lobster industry as an ambassador for the next year. All the chefs, participating in the contest were of the view that exposure at the event over the last few weeks has helped in boosting sales.

Certainly, these chefs have raised the bar in lobster industry.

Cooking Live Lobsters as Humanely Possible

Those of you who love seafood must love lobsters. If you do, then do you cringe at the thought of waking up at the crack of dawn, each time you have to cook lobsters, to go to the fish market to grab the freshest catch? Well, from now on you don’t have to. That’s right. From now on, you can wake up whenever you want and have the freshest lobsters from Maine delivered to your doorsteps. is a site where you can order fresh Maine lobsters, pay for them online and have them home delivered.

However, many of you may like to eat lobsters but don’t know how to cook fresh live lobsters. has the solution to that as well. They suggest you kill it as humanely possible. First freeze the lobsters for around two hours. Then, take it out of the freezer and check to see if it’s moving. It should be still. Then, take a sharp object like a knife or skewer and push it through the cross on the head of the lobster. Here are some ways in which you can cook them:



The fastest way of cooking a live lobster is by boiling it. In a large pan with a lid, boil salted water. Then add the lobster and boil it for around 10 minutes. Once it is done, drain the lobsters and serve them with some butter.


Take a large pot and place a steaming rack at the bottom of it. Boil two inches of salted water in that pot. Once the water starts to boil, place the lobster on the rack and put the lid on. Steam the lobster for 14 minutes.


To grill, first have to par boil the lobster and then cut it down the middle into half. Clean it, marinate in and put it on the grill.

These are some of the best ways to cook live lobsters. If you know the rudimentary culinary skills, you will be able to cook lobsters well.

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Fight the Cold Chill with Scrumptious, Hot Seafood Stews

When longing for a bowl of warmth in the fall season, most people tend to include chili and beef stew in their diet. Time factor is the biggest trouble with both of these options. To come up with the best versions of each, you need long simmers. This develops the great and comforting flavors that you are looking for in the dishes.

However, not everybody has the time to simmer for long. So, if you are planning to prepare stew dishes on the weekdays, the scrumptious seafood stew could be the best bet. The seafood stew is as rich and flavorful as a fine chili or meat stew could be. Seafood can be cooked easily and quickly, unlike beef that requires long simmer to attain the tenderness.

To prepare seafood stew, you do not have to follow any given set of rules. You can add or subtract the ingredients as per your wish and taste. But, keep in mind to cook the seasonings with onion and oil first. It helps them attain the deep flavors that normally require longer cooking time.

Here is a seafood stew recipe for spicy shrimp and Haddock stew

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• Olive oil, 2 tablespoons

• Diced russet potatoes, 2

• Diced yellow onion, large, 1

• Minced garlic cloves, 4

• Dried thyme, 1 teaspoon

• Smoked paprika, ½ teaspoon

• Red pepper flakes, ¼ teaspoon

• Lightly crushed fennel seeds, ¼ teaspoon

• Chopped celery, 2 stalks

• Diced tomatoes, 15-ounce can

• Clam juice, 8-ounce bottle

• Water, 2 cups

• Raw and shelled extra-large shrimp, 1 pound

• Haddock, cut into small chunks, 1 pound

• Chopped fresh parsley, ¼ cup

• Chopped fresh dill, 1 tablespoon

• Lemon juice, 1 tablespoon

• Ground black pepper and salt, to taste

Now, the dish will take around 50 minutes to fully get prepared. Have a look at the preparation method of the dish.

• Take a large saucepan and place it over medium-high heat. Heat the olive oil. Mix the potatoes, onion, thyme, garlic, paprika, red pepper flakes and fennel seeds. Cook for around 5 minutes until onion is softened. Keep stirring.

• Add the tomato juice, clam juice, celery and water. Bring to a simmer. Now, cook for around 30 minutes after reducing the heat to low. The potatoes will turn tender.

• Add the shrimp and haddock. Increase the heat to maintain a simmer. Cook for 4 to 5 minutes. Shrimps turn pink and haddock flakes easily. Mix in the parsley, lemon juice and dill. Season with salt and pepper

The dish is prepared. Below are the nutritional facts per serving of the shrimp and haddock stew.

• 210 calories

• 45 calories from fat

• 5g fat

• 120mg cholesterol

• 15g carbohydrate

• 2g fibre

• 3g sugar

• 24g protein

• 570mg sodium

This stew can also be enjoyed on the normal weekdays, as it does not take too long to prepare. Enjoy the delicious stew with your family and friends whenever you wish to.

Louisiana Seafood Festival: For Seafood Lovers Round the World

If you are a ‘seafood fanatic’, meaning that you can fight the world to sink your teeth into some delicious seafood goodies, then you should travel the world in search of yummy seafood dishes and recipes. If you think that you are the only person who is crazy about seafood, then you are utterly mistaken. Thousands around the world love seafood as much as you do, and this is a fact. Various seafood lovers travel a lot to try some of their favorite cuisines.

However, seafood is so popular and so well loved that people celebrate it. Yes, you heard that right; people celebrate seafood by holding festivals for seafood lovers. Just like the famous October fest that is held in Germany to celebrate beer, there are many festivals held around the world, mostly in coastal areas that celebrate seafood.

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The Louisiana Seafood Festival is one such festival that celebrates seafood and is attended by the seafood lovers of the US of A and the world. This festival will be held from the 11th to the 13th of this month at the City Park Festival Grounds, in New Orleans, Louisiana. The festival will be an amalgamation of live music, cooking demonstrations, food and drinks, entertainment for children and also different kinds of arts and crafts.

The live music will be performed on two stages and this year will be extra special because the lineup will consist of artists like:

• Amanda Shaw

• Better than Ezra

• The Creole String Beans

• Mia Borders

• Johnny Sketch and the Dirty Notes

• Wild Magnolias and the Big Chief Summit

• Honey Island Swamp Band and

• Paul Varisco and the Milestones Band

The festival is going to celebrate local delicacies in seafood from 38 restaurant and various caterers and promises to be one of the biggest seafood festivals ever. So basically, all those who attend will certainly have a ball.

Crab Cakes: Perfect Crunchy Munchies to Enjoy the Evening with Friends and Family

Are you feeling famished and want to have something at your disposal in quick time? If yes, crab cakes are for you. Crab cakes are a kind of fish cake and composed of crab meat and other ingredients including bread crumbs, milk, eggs, yellow onions, mayonnaise and seasonings. Sometimes, one can add other ingredients like red or green pepper or pink radishes are also added in the crab cakes. These cakes are sautéed, baked or grilled prior to being served.

Seafood lovers around the world love crab cakes. These snacks have been the hot favourite of people since long. With the virtues of crunchiness, crisp and taste, crab cakes make ideal appetisers for a main course meal or palatable munchies for friends’ get-together. Maine is known to produce best quality crabs in the world, seafood lovers show keen interest in the exotic sea creatures from the Atlantic coasts of Portland.

Considered an American classic, crab cakes go well with a bottle of beer and tender mayo dip. It’s the delectable taste making crab cakes quite popular among gourmands. The Oxford Encyclopaedia of Food and Drink mentions that popularity of crab cakes dates back to the age of early European settlers. These days, crab cakes are regarded as great snacks for the seafood aficionados. The most delicious and classy munchies are prepared from the flesh of blue crab that are produced only at the Atlantic coasts.

You can make crab cakes at your home as well as order online. To prepare it in your own kitchen, you must know all about crab cake recipe, so that preparation remains easy for you.

Take a look at the recipe mentioned below:

crab_cakes • 2 bread slices for white bread crusts

• 1 beaten egg

• 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise

• 1 teaspoon of Dijon mustard

• 1 tablespoon of old bay seasoning

• 1 teaspoon of Worcestershire sauce

• 2 tablespoons of butter

• 1 lb of crab meat

Take a bowl and place crab meat into it, check out for any left shells. If there any shells left, pick them out. Now, take another bowl of medium size and add the small bread pieces and crab meat into it. Then, you need to mix the mayonnaise, egg, Worcestershire sauce, old bay and mustard altogether. Keep the meat in lumps without breaking them. Now, you require giving it a patty shape. After that, take a frying pan to heat 2 tbsp of butter. Place the crab cakes and fry it until brown. Each side should be fried for almost 4 minutes. Now, serve the delicious crab cakes with a palatable dip.

You can include spicy sushi mayo as a dip for crab cakes. Here is the recipe for sushi mayo

• 1 tablespoon of sriracha chilli sauce

• 3 tbsp of mayo

• ¼ tsp of soy sauce

• 1 tsp of lime juice

Take a bowl and mix in all the ingredients to prepare a smooth paste. Now, serve the mayo with crab cakes.

Now, enjoy the delicious crab cakes with sushi mayo with your friends and family.