The Side Dishes that Complement Special Lobster Dinner

Lobsters are worldwide known as the ‘King of Seafood.’ They truly make a memorable meal. Many people normally visit restaurants to have the lobster meal, though it can be quite expensive at the restaurants. Lobsters are more enjoyable and romantic when you stay in your home and enjoy the intimate lobster dinner for two on the terrace with your partner.

Moreover, lobsters are also enjoyed at the family celebrations or when you have a desire to modify your taste from ordinary. Lobsters are usually served on the special occasions as a special meal, so the exceptional side dishes must be served with the lobsters. The mild flavor of lobsters goes well with any food that is not spicy or pungent making lobster dishes not very fancy or complicated.

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A whole lobster puts together an amusing and delicious dibber, but can be sometimes messy. To keep the fun factor intact with the dinner, one can go with split lobster tails with butter on formal dinners. Other scrumptious lobster dinner recipes include lobster tails simmered in butter, lobster Newburg, lobster wrapped in pastry, grilled lobster and tomatoes stuffed with lobster. You can also prefer lobster bisque as the satisfying main dish.

Soup and salad

You can serve soup and salad as a part of the meal or an appetizer. Soups to pair well with lobster are gazpacho, butternut squash soup and corn chowder while seafood, avocado, cucumber, tossed or a green salad pitched with creamy dressing are good options as salads. Tomato salads like caprese salad also balance the lobster dinner.


The most commonly served vegetable with lobster is boiled or grilled corn on the cob. The rich flavor of lobster mixes well with sweet and fresh corn. Several other vegetables, such as baked potatoes with Parmesan cheese, black beans, boiled new potatoes, green beans with lemon butter, steamed snow peas and carrots and asparagus, also work well with the lobsters.

Other side dishes

If scallops are the regular companion, shrimp cocktail serves as a perfect appetizer to the lobster dishes. However, there are several other side dishes that complement lobsters. The avocado bruschetta, cucumber shrimp appetizers, risotto, Parmesan baskets, fruit satay or wild rice can be choose alongside lobsters. Prefer mild seasoning over side dishes to avoid them overpowering the flavor of lobster dishes.


In spite of being rich in flavor, lobsters can still be paired well with a flavorful dessert. One can prefer light dessert to avoid the meal from being too heavy. The chocolate sponge cake topped with ganache, panna cotta, blackberry tarts, almond cakes with fresh fruit or tiramisu are the excellent desserts that go well with the lobster dishes. Serve the sherbet topped with berries to keep the dessert simple.

You can also order the flash frozen lobster dishes online and serve your guests with these side dishes.


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