5 Points to Consider to buy Good Quality Lobsters

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1jFIk3R

                                                  Image Courtesy: bit.ly/1jFIk3R

Seafood lovers around the world agree that lobsters are one of the tastiest items that the sea has to offer. These crustacean decapods are available in various varieties and can be incorporated in different kinds of dishes. However, it is a universal truth that lobsters from Maine are the tastiest in the world. If you are planning to make lobsters at home, then you must first buy the best straight from the fish market. If you don’t have time to go to the fish market, then you can also order the lobster online. But before you order your lobsters, you must keep a few things in mind.

All Lobsters are not the same

Online seafood stores claim that the lobsters they sell are from Maine, when the truth is that most get their lobsters from different areas of New England or even Canada. As lobsters filter water, the quality and temperature of the water will affect the taste of the lobster meat. The best lobsters are found in clear and cold waters. Lobsters from Maine taste the best because of the temperature of the water.

Don’t pay for anything more than you order

Image Courtesy: bit.ly/f1U99

                                   Image Courtesy: bit.ly/f1U99

Online prices are not always the same. Have you ever wondered why? Some online seafood stores include the shipping cost in the cost of the lobster and some charge for shipping separately. Some stores don’t charge for shipping at all if you buy good worth a certain amount. This is why you must compare rates online. Usually, the price of the lobster depends on the size of the lobster and you shouldn’t be charged more uselessly. Beware of hidden charges.

Lobster quality and price is varies throughout the year

Lobster prices depend on the lifecycle of the sea creature and the weather. From January through March, lobster prices are extremely high because fishermen don’t get to catch big quantities due to the cold weather. The price of the lobster is much lesser in the months of summer till early fall as the weather is conducive to fishing and huge quantities are caught.

Check out the return policy

When you are ordering live lobsters from Maine online, check out the return policy, of the seafood store because the stores say that they are sending you live lobsters, but the lobsters may die on the way. It does not happen often but there is a possibility. Make sure the return policy states that you will be compensated or will get your money back if the sea creature reaches you dead.

Find out shipment details

Always make sure that the seafood store uses a reputable carrier service. If they use FedEx instead of DHL or UPS, then it’s a good thing because FedEx is much more reliable. As the lobsters are shipped live the logistics company must make sure that they reach you fresh and alive.

Therefore, if you want to purchase fresh, live and good quality lobsters the next time you cook seafood at home, check out getmainelobster.com as their service is excellent.


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