Seafood is good for Health if eaten in Moderation

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Recently, studies revealed that fish or different types of seafood should not be consumed everyday as they may contain mercury which may lead to mercury poisoning. However, research also reveals that fish and different types of seafood are also rich in nutrients like omega 3 fatty acids, selenium, vitamin D, protein and is also extremely low in fat. It was also debated that if people are so afraid of mercury poisoning, then they should also stop breathing and eating vegetables as traces of mercury is also found in the air, water, plants and soil as mercury is an element that exists naturally.

How much is fine?

Eating fish and other types of seafood in moderation, like twice a week, is considered to be absolutely fine and harmless. Even children and pregnant women can consume moderate portions of fish like trout, catfish, bass, and many more at least twice a week without any worries. If an excessive amount of it is consumed then obviously, mercury will have adverse and toxic effects on lungs, kidneys, eyes, skin, nervous system, immune system and the digestive system.

Who are most at risk?

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Small children and unborn babies have the highest risk of damage caused by mercury as they go through fast neurological development in the years from the last trimester of pregnancy till the first two year of birth. These years are most susceptible to any kind of damage that mercury can cause. Other than this, fish and other types of seafood is the healthiest form of animal protein one can consume as it is low in fat and calories and have high protein content.

The Good Points

Seafood is also full of omega 3 and selenium that is very good for the heart and helps keep, coronary heart diseases at bay and the selenium also helps in the development of the brain. Therefore, if eaten in moderation fish and other types of seafood, is extremely good for health.

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