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Want to Taste the Delicacy of Maine Lobster? Order Maine Lobster Dinner Online

Lobsters are one of the most consumed sea foods. Many people treat their guests on lobster dishes. Whether it’s a special dinner organised as a thanksgiving present or you want to take your family for an exquisite dinner, lobsters can always stand true on the merit of occasions. Besides, it’s fun and extremely easy to cook a lobster dish, provided right ingredients and correct preparation method.

Lobster dishes are not only meant for main course food but they also make great and delicious appetizers. The best thing about lobsters is that they can be prepared in different ways, each being equally easy and produces scrumptious final products.

Black Point Maine Lobster Bake for 2

Black Point Maine Lobster Bake for 2
So, if you savour certain likes for baked lobsters and going on a dinner date with your loved one, Black Point Maine Lobster Bake for 2 is an ideal and delicious food for lobster dinner. It is extremely easy to cook this dish, just place the lobsters in oven or on the grill and the delicacy is ready to be eaten within an hour. If you are planning an outdoor party with your loved one, this dish can serve you as a perfect light seafood meal.

You have an option to order Black Point Maine Lobster Bake for 2 from online food corners. If there are more people to party, you can upgrade to a bake for 4 as well. Prepared deliciously, the chef has handpicked each tasty seafood ingredient including 3 to 4 oz of 2 Maine lobster tails, Mussels or clams of 8 oz, four each of Atlantic crab claws and shrimps. Besides, two of Maine’s finest corn on-the-cobs giving this baked dish a finishing touch in delicate manner. Bakes are dispatched to you in foil container or baking sleeve meant for self cooking. You are provided with the directions to bake on the boxes.

Maine Shellfish Sampler

Maine Shellfish Sampler
Another one to make your dinner special is Maine Shellfish Sampler. If you have a desire to taste the best of Maine seafood, this shellfish sampler is an ideal choice to go for. With each package, you are given 2lbs of steamer clams, 12 bacon wrapped scallops, 12 fresh live Maine oysters and 1 to 12 oz of Maine crab dip.

Once the package reaches at your doorstep, firstly shuck the oysters. You can eat them raw or may cook as per your liking. Now, you need to steam the steamer clams and when they are opened fully, you can sauté or steam them to your liking. Bacon wrapped scallops are delivered pre-cooked, you just need to heat them up in oven for 10 minutes at 350 degrees temperature. Now, warm the Maine crab dip at same temperature until they turn bubbly hot and golden in colour.

So, what are you waiting for? Order Black Point Maine Lobster Bake for 2 or Maine Shellfish Sampler online for an extraordinarily delicious lobster dinner.