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Maine lobsters- Feel the richness of Atlantic Waters on a Palate

Image Source: goo.gl/YLyfw

Image Source: goo.gl/YLyfw

Homarus Americanus otherwise known as the Maine lobster has now topped the chart of gourmet cuisines. Lately, Maine has been producing the finest quality lobsters that come with large and fleshy claws. Having known the fact that these crustaceans are more delicious than other varieties available in different parts of the world people take fancy towards this special Class Crustacea breed because of their taste and meatiness.

The Maine lobster takes pride in revealing a distinct and sweet flavor; in fact its sweetness has made it popular seafood amongst connoisseurs. Belonging to the crustacean family, the homarus americanus unveil delicate white flesh that can be considered a vital ingredient for a wide array of seafood recipes. In today’s era lobsters are regarded as delicacies, much unlikely of what used to prevail during older decades when these crustaceans were considered food of the poor.

Lobstering has now become a popular source of living for Mainers, taking pride in serving the world with the greatest and best quality lobsters. In fact the region is considered haven for these special shellfish variety thriving mostly in cool deep waters generously provided by the Atlantic coasts.

The types of fishing technologies used for catching these exotic sea creatures are strictly eco-friendly so that people here can help protect the habitat and growth of lobster count along the coasts of Maine. Today, several associations have formed, in an attempt to protect the well-being of this rare lobster breed. According to reports, Maine has the strictest of legal norms reigning over lobster harvesting methods practiced across the region.

There are certain conservation techniques that Maine lobstermen have to follow in order to maintain the ecological balance of the marine world. Ecologists have primarily made it a point to ensure that Maine lobsters are able to thrive in a healthy environment.

It was during the 1840s that New York and Boston had started trading lobsters to cater the massive demands for these delicious shellfish; until then, lobsters were mostly served to prisoners and the poor. Thus, lobstering became a specialized segment of harvest. Since it is difficult to keep lobsters alive without water, the industry had branched out a new segment for canning which started to flourish gradually. The Maine lobster is mostly found all the way from Labrador in North to North Carolina in the south.

The Atlantic waters are where these crustaceans thrive best. It has been found that Maine picks usually bear a greenish brown color and only a few bear a blue hue. Blue lobsters are very rare to find. Occasionally some in reds and yellows can also be found.