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Enjoy an Ultimate Seafood Treat with Cajun Magic Shrimps

When it comes to savouring seafood, we tend to look for either lip-smacking lobsters or sumptuous crabs. But what about having freshly harvested shrimps topped with Worcestershire sauce and accompanied with a chilled glass of lemon juice? Well, being a seafood lover, it’s pretty hard to say no for such a treat that would not only leave your taste buds satisfied but contribute a lot to your health. In fact, if you are a true foodie and you love trying new sea delicacies from time to time, go for the Cajun Magic shrimp.

Savouring fresh Cajun Magic Shrimps will be no doubt be fascinating since this is indeed a special seafood that assures to leave every sea foodie amazed. Whether you are making plans for a beach party or want to dine with some of your dearest buddies, trying these super delicious shrimps are bound to add a zing to your party celebration.

Well, if you are willing to cook Cajun Magic Shrimps at home, just ensure that you are not buying frozen shrimps. Since they take almost no time to lose their freshness, you must get fresh ones so that you can enjoy the real flavour. In fact, you can give your dad a big surprise on the upcoming Father’s Day by preparing this wonderful dish in style.

So, take a look here the ingredients you need to prepare Cajun Magic Shrimps:

Image Source: goo.gl/euNf6

                                                        Image Source: goo.gl/euNf6


• Butter – 1 cup

• Chopped onion – 1

• Crushed red pepper – 1 teaspoon

• Black pepper – 1 teaspoon

• Minced cloves garlic – 2

• Thyme – ½ teaspoon

• Rosemary – ½ teaspoon

• Oregano – ¼ teaspoon

• Beer – ½ cup

• Chicken broth – ½ cup

• Worcestershire sauce – 1 teaspoon

• For dipping – French Bread

• Cooked white rice for serving

• Large shrimp – 1 lb

Methods of preparation:

1. Take a skillet and melt ½ of butter into it

2. Add onions along with all the ingredients including the shrimp

3. Take just 1 minute to cook by stirring it constantly

4. Add the chicken broth along with the remaining butter

5. Once done, take 2 to 5 minutes to cook by stirring it well in beer

6. Cook for another 2 minutes till the shrimp is done

7. Place the skillet with rice and bread and then start serving.

So, you see how easier it is to prepare Cajun Magic shrimps and that too without taking even half an hour. Now, start collecting the ingredients to prepare an awesome seafood dinner with your loved ones.