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Old School Maine Lobster Dinner: As Good as Ever

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Lobster is undoubtedly the most consumed seafood around the world. There are various types of lobster dishes that one could prepare on special occasions or even on the normal days.

The Maine Lobster-Stuffed Chateaubriand with Bearnaise Sauce is one of the old school lobster dishes that might have fallen out of favour but their taste and health benefits remain supreme and missed by many people.

There was a time when this dish was included in almost every Maine lobster menu for special dinner with loved ones, whether at restaurants or in their own home.

The fork-tender, perfect medium-rare chateaubriand is delicious and if you stuff steamed Maine lobster tails and bacon into it, the outcome is even better. Cover it in a sauce made from egg yolks and butter to take the taste to a new level.

Here is the recipe for Maine Lobster-Stuffed Chateaubriand with Bearnaise Sauce

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Ingredients for the Roast

  • Steamed and picked with whole meat Maine lobster, 1 to 1 ¼ pounds
  • Chopped bacon, 3 strips
  • Chopped medium-sized shallot, ½
  • Minced celery, ½ rib
  • Minced garlic, 2 cloves
  • Sliced cremini mushrooms, 2 ounces
  • Salt and freshly ground black pepper
  • Sliced green onion, 1
  • Dry white wine, 3 tablespoons
  • Chopped fresh parsley leaves, 1 tablespoon
  • Trimmed and centre-cut beef tenderloin, 1 of about 2 pounds

For Bearnaise Sauce

  • White wine vinegar, 1/3 cup
  • Dry white wine, 1/3 cup
  • Sliced shallot, 1 of medium size
  • Leaves removed and finely chopped fresh tarragon sprigs, 5
  • Black peppercorns, 10, whole
  • Egg yolks, 3, large
  • Unsalted butter, 1 stick
  • Kosher salt
  • Freshly ground black pepper

How to prepare Roast

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  • AT first, preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  • Place a large skillet over medium heat and cook bacon, by stirring, until it turns crisp. The process takes about 5 minutes. Now, transfer to paper towels and use a slotted spoon to drain. After that, you can add shallots and celery and cook, keep stirring until the mixture is soft. Then, add garlic and cook for 30 seconds. Now you should mix in mushrooms and a pinch of pepper and salt and cook till the time liquid is out from mushrooms. Now, add green onions and keep stirring. Mix in wine, increase the heat and cook until wine is completely evaporated. Now, add parsley and stir. After that, take away from heat and stir in the cooked bacon and allow the mixture to cool.
  • Now, you have to slice about 3/4 of the roast and butterfly the beef roast. Make sure that you do not cut the way through the roast. After that, put the sliced beef on a flat surface and cut side up.
  • Place the bacon-vegetable mixture in a line, crossways the meat. Now, keep the cooked lobster meat on top of mixture and roll the roast up and fasten with the twine.
  • Now, rub olive oil all over roast and season with salt and pepper. Put it in a heavy cast iron skillet or roasting pan and lightly burn all the sides. Put it in the oven and roast to the temperature of your choice. For medium-rare, roast for about 20 minutes.
  • Then, transfer to the cutting board. Cover and allow it to rest for 10 minutes prior to carving. Get rid of kitchen twine and thickly slice the roast. Place on a plate and drizzle Bearnaise sauce over it. Serve straight away with roasted fingerling potatoes and asparagus.

For Bearnaise Sauce

  • Take a small saucepan and put two inches of water to a simmer. Keep low heat so as water does not start boiling.
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  • Combine vinegar, wine, shallots, tarragon stems and peppercorns in a small skillet and place it over medium heat. Bring the mixture to a simmer and cook till the time all liquid is evaporated, except two tablespoons. Pour carefully in a large bowl to cover the opening of saucepan.
  • Now, add the egg yolks to the vinegar mixture and combine by whisking. Place the mixture over simmering water and cook until the yolks thicken.
  • Then, add the butter pieces, one at a time and make sure that one piece of butter is melted before placing the next. Now, take away the sauce from heat and add chopped tarragon leaves. Season with salt and pepper.
  • Serve warm

There are several other traditional dishes that you will like to include in Maine lobster menu, at your next party. To know more about Maine lobster recipes, you can visit


How to Cook Live Maine Lobster in Own Home?


Lobster is one of the most sought after seafood in present times. There was a time when lobsters were not so popular, but with the rise in production and marketing, lobster these days enjoys huge popularity among seafood lovers around the world.

Nowadays, more and more people are turning to seafood because of their health benefits. Live lobster contains lots of nutrients and vitamins that are good for human body. People these days like to consume lobster tails more than whole lobster because they are easy to cook, less expensive and contain a large amount of meat. However, for the best quality lobster dishes, one should always go for Maine lobster, as they are considered to be the superior in quality and taste.

Here are some cooking tips to help you prepare delicious lobster tails to please your taste buds.

If you are planning for a lobster dinner at your home, it is suggested to buy fresh lobster online, as they guarantee you of best-quality lobster. You should at first thaw the lobster by placing them in the refrigerator for about 10 hours before cooking.

Broiling or Baking Maine Lobster Tails

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  • At first, preheat the oven to 375 degrees
  • With a sharp and heavy chef’s knife, cut small amount of the meat from the shell, place it on top of lobster’s shell by lifting up. Keep in mind not to cut the entire length of shell. You can leave the tail flap and about an inch above the shell intact.
  • Take apart all of the meat content from shell but do not separate the meat of intact area at the tail.
  • Now, allow the meat to rest on top of shell by closing it under the meat
  • You can season the tail the way you like it, whether by olive oil or butter, or lemon and dill.
  • Cook the lobster tails according to the quantity of meat, 1 ½ minutes for every ounce, at 375 degrees. It means that you need to cook for 12 minutes for 8 ounces, 15 minutes for 10 ounces, 18 minutes for 12 ounces.
  • Prefer warm olive oil or warm butter with lemon for serving. You can also eat plain.

Grilling Maine Lobster Tails

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  • At first, you require to set the grill to medium heat. If you are using charcoal, spread out the coals to create intense heat on one area and one cooler area.
  • Place butter or olive oil on the lobster tail and brush evenly. You may also use your favorite seasonings like minced garlic, pepper, lemon, salt for seasoning.
  • Place the meat side down first and grill for about three to five minutes. Now, you can flip over the tail for another three to five minutes. Make sure to take away the tail from open flames to avoid burning. When the meat turns opaque, consider lobster tails as done.

Lobster tails can also be prepared through other processes, such as boiling and pan searing. However, for cooking through any process, make sure to find fresh lobster only, you can buy them at online stores.

The Essential Side Dishes with a Delicious Lobster Dinner

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There are only a few entrees more delicious and tender than lobster. Lobsters are healthy and a vital source of protein in human body. While serving lobster as the main course, you should round out your dinner in the company of side dishes that add different textures and flavours to the meal and allow the lobster shine. You should pick the side dishes that can be prepared quick and easily so that you can focus on cooking the lobster perfectly. Not only you but children are also sure to be fascinated by the appetizing main course. The flavour of lobster will swiftly win them over.

While preparing the menu for a lobster dinner, you should always focus on its accompaniments. Here are the lobster dinner accompaniments that you should include while serving the delicious lobster meal.

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Lobster is obviously the centrepiece of every lobster dinner. You should pick live lobster either from the marketplace or online stores on the day of your dinner for utmost freshness. Moreover, do not forget to take a head count before buying because lobster is expensive and buying in excess may become costly to you.

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Dipping Sauces

A variety of dipping sauces are the best way to complement your lobster meat. Though people traditionally use butter but expanding on your offerings will allow your guests to choose their favourite flavour. You can go for a lemon aioli for acidic tastes whereas mix garlic and butter together offer a twist on traditional butter. Many people prefer to include their own favourite creamy salad dressings or prepared sauces and creamy dips.

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While accompanying vegetables, you should keep in mind to include the vegetable offerings that are easy and simple to cook. Steamed broccoli or corn on the cob could be ideal vegetable side dish, steam them while lobster is cooking. Alternatively, including a cold vegetable dish like a green bean or cucumber salad with creamy cole slaw dressing may also prove to be a good choice.

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Bread does not only add starch to the lobster meal but it is of great help when it comes to soak up the lobster juice. To add extra flavour, you can serve the dipping sauce as well. Make sure to prepare the cornbread well ahead of time for a classic lobster dinner. As an alternative, go for rolls or loaves of bread and just heat them in oven for a few minutes before serving.

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Since lobster is a luxurious meal, including a light salad is vital. You can prepare a fresh vegetable salad with tomatoes, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers and other preferred vegetables. Salad dressing should be light and creamy dressing can be added just before serving. You can also serve the salad dry and let your guests choose their favourite dressing.

So, if you are planning for a sumptuous lobster dinner, accompany it with rich and healthy side dishes.

Basic Principles of Eating the Steamed Lobster

The connoisseurs of good food around the world love lobster but are intimidated by thinking of cooking and then, eating a whole live lobster. There are several different things to consider before buying and cooking a whole live lobster. Most people want to know about the colour of lobster, whether lobster is fresh and the most humane way to kill a lobster.

If you want to prepare lobster in your home, you should know about the basic method of preparation and also what kind of lobster you should buy from the marketplace. Lobsters taste best when cooked fresh.

You should know that Maine lobster is consumed all over the world because of their freshness and quality meat. However, you are always advised to consume only the fresh and live Maine lobsters for healthy and tasty eating. These days, it has become easier for people to buy live lobster online and enjoy the real flavour and tenderness of Maine lobsters.

Before moving on to the basic principles of lobster cooking, let’s know a few facts about the Maine lobster.

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  • Different species of lobster are found around the world, however Maine lobsters are authentic and have five pairs of legs and a couple of large claws filled with meat.
  • Maine lobsters are soft-shelled mature lobsters that have just shed their shells. These lobsters can easily be cracked open and have tender and sweeter meat than hard-shell lobsters.
  • One should always look out for most energetic one. Another important thing is colour. Maine lobsters are usually brown, black or greenish colour-wise, though all lobsters turn bright red after getting cooked.
  • One should go for a lobster that flaps its tail and throws its claws in air at the time of getting picked up, as these lobsters are healthy.
  • Keep the lobster alive until you decide to cook them. Do not store them in freshwater because they are saltwater crustaceans and freshwater may kill them.

Now that you have known the basics of buying and storing a healthy and live lobster, know what top Maine chefs say about steaming and eating a lobster.

In the kitchen of famous Maine restaurants, lobsters are generally steamed in a high-pressure steamer in the place of boiling. Most people believe that lobsters produce tender meat when steamed and also involve less risk of overcooking.

  • The time consumed in cooking lobster depends on the lobster’s size. A 1 1/8 pound lobsters get cooked in the high-pressure steamer in around 10 minutes.
  • The real work begins after the lobster is taken out of steamer.
  • You are provided with a moist towel and a bib at the restaurant because tearing the lobster apart while eating can be a bit messy.
  • You should also get a cracker and a lobster pick.
  • After the lobster is served, first thing to do is tear off the claw. You have to twist the claw gently in one motion while holding the lobster down with other hand.
  • Separate the smaller, thumb-like portion of the claw.
  • Grab the lobster pick and use it to pull out the meat from shell.
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    Use the cracker to break the tip of larger part of claw. Break the claw in half and remove the juicy meat by using lobster pick.

  • Now, separate the tail from body by twisting it. Break the shell and loosen the meat inside by a light squeeze on tail. Meat will come out in one piece.
  • Now, enjoy the lobster meat with melted butter and get the French fries, a baked potato, or a cole slaw as side dishes.

Lobsters are prepared differently, depending on the preferences of lobster-eaters but steamed lobsters are truly a delicious treat your friends and loved ones could ever get.

5 Points to Consider to buy Good Quality Lobsters

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Seafood lovers around the world agree that lobsters are one of the tastiest items that the sea has to offer. These crustacean decapods are available in various varieties and can be incorporated in different kinds of dishes. However, it is a universal truth that lobsters from Maine are the tastiest in the world. If you are planning to make lobsters at home, then you must first buy the best straight from the fish market. If you don’t have time to go to the fish market, then you can also order the lobster online. But before you order your lobsters, you must keep a few things in mind.

All Lobsters are not the same

Online seafood stores claim that the lobsters they sell are from Maine, when the truth is that most get their lobsters from different areas of New England or even Canada. As lobsters filter water, the quality and temperature of the water will affect the taste of the lobster meat. The best lobsters are found in clear and cold waters. Lobsters from Maine taste the best because of the temperature of the water.

Don’t pay for anything more than you order

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Online prices are not always the same. Have you ever wondered why? Some online seafood stores include the shipping cost in the cost of the lobster and some charge for shipping separately. Some stores don’t charge for shipping at all if you buy good worth a certain amount. This is why you must compare rates online. Usually, the price of the lobster depends on the size of the lobster and you shouldn’t be charged more uselessly. Beware of hidden charges.

Lobster quality and price is varies throughout the year

Lobster prices depend on the lifecycle of the sea creature and the weather. From January through March, lobster prices are extremely high because fishermen don’t get to catch big quantities due to the cold weather. The price of the lobster is much lesser in the months of summer till early fall as the weather is conducive to fishing and huge quantities are caught.

Check out the return policy

When you are ordering live lobsters from Maine online, check out the return policy, of the seafood store because the stores say that they are sending you live lobsters, but the lobsters may die on the way. It does not happen often but there is a possibility. Make sure the return policy states that you will be compensated or will get your money back if the sea creature reaches you dead.

Find out shipment details

Always make sure that the seafood store uses a reputable carrier service. If they use FedEx instead of DHL or UPS, then it’s a good thing because FedEx is much more reliable. As the lobsters are shipped live the logistics company must make sure that they reach you fresh and alive.

Therefore, if you want to purchase fresh, live and good quality lobsters the next time you cook seafood at home, check out as their service is excellent.

The Side Dishes that Complement Special Lobster Dinner

Lobsters are worldwide known as the ‘King of Seafood.’ They truly make a memorable meal. Many people normally visit restaurants to have the lobster meal, though it can be quite expensive at the restaurants. Lobsters are more enjoyable and romantic when you stay in your home and enjoy the intimate lobster dinner for two on the terrace with your partner.

Moreover, lobsters are also enjoyed at the family celebrations or when you have a desire to modify your taste from ordinary. Lobsters are usually served on the special occasions as a special meal, so the exceptional side dishes must be served with the lobsters. The mild flavor of lobsters goes well with any food that is not spicy or pungent making lobster dishes not very fancy or complicated.

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A whole lobster puts together an amusing and delicious dibber, but can be sometimes messy. To keep the fun factor intact with the dinner, one can go with split lobster tails with butter on formal dinners. Other scrumptious lobster dinner recipes include lobster tails simmered in butter, lobster Newburg, lobster wrapped in pastry, grilled lobster and tomatoes stuffed with lobster. You can also prefer lobster bisque as the satisfying main dish.

Soup and salad

You can serve soup and salad as a part of the meal or an appetizer. Soups to pair well with lobster are gazpacho, butternut squash soup and corn chowder while seafood, avocado, cucumber, tossed or a green salad pitched with creamy dressing are good options as salads. Tomato salads like caprese salad also balance the lobster dinner.


The most commonly served vegetable with lobster is boiled or grilled corn on the cob. The rich flavor of lobster mixes well with sweet and fresh corn. Several other vegetables, such as baked potatoes with Parmesan cheese, black beans, boiled new potatoes, green beans with lemon butter, steamed snow peas and carrots and asparagus, also work well with the lobsters.

Other side dishes

If scallops are the regular companion, shrimp cocktail serves as a perfect appetizer to the lobster dishes. However, there are several other side dishes that complement lobsters. The avocado bruschetta, cucumber shrimp appetizers, risotto, Parmesan baskets, fruit satay or wild rice can be choose alongside lobsters. Prefer mild seasoning over side dishes to avoid them overpowering the flavor of lobster dishes.


In spite of being rich in flavor, lobsters can still be paired well with a flavorful dessert. One can prefer light dessert to avoid the meal from being too heavy. The chocolate sponge cake topped with ganache, panna cotta, blackberry tarts, almond cakes with fresh fruit or tiramisu are the excellent desserts that go well with the lobster dishes. Serve the sherbet topped with berries to keep the dessert simple.

You can also order the flash frozen lobster dishes online and serve your guests with these side dishes.

Cooking Live Lobsters as Humanely Possible

Those of you who love seafood must love lobsters. If you do, then do you cringe at the thought of waking up at the crack of dawn, each time you have to cook lobsters, to go to the fish market to grab the freshest catch? Well, from now on you don’t have to. That’s right. From now on, you can wake up whenever you want and have the freshest lobsters from Maine delivered to your doorsteps. is a site where you can order fresh Maine lobsters, pay for them online and have them home delivered.

However, many of you may like to eat lobsters but don’t know how to cook fresh live lobsters. has the solution to that as well. They suggest you kill it as humanely possible. First freeze the lobsters for around two hours. Then, take it out of the freezer and check to see if it’s moving. It should be still. Then, take a sharp object like a knife or skewer and push it through the cross on the head of the lobster. Here are some ways in which you can cook them:



The fastest way of cooking a live lobster is by boiling it. In a large pan with a lid, boil salted water. Then add the lobster and boil it for around 10 minutes. Once it is done, drain the lobsters and serve them with some butter.


Take a large pot and place a steaming rack at the bottom of it. Boil two inches of salted water in that pot. Once the water starts to boil, place the lobster on the rack and put the lid on. Steam the lobster for 14 minutes.


To grill, first have to par boil the lobster and then cut it down the middle into half. Clean it, marinate in and put it on the grill.

These are some of the best ways to cook live lobsters. If you know the rudimentary culinary skills, you will be able to cook lobsters well.

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